Rabat, Morocco: Riad


I have always had a place in my heart for Morocco. This is my seventh trip, but the first to Rabat. It is quite a livable city and a target-rich environment for a photographer.

I am staying with a traditional Muslim family in a lovely riad. They are such loving and kind people. I am very lucky. The family has offered me a place in their home for me to live if I decide to come back. “Better to be with others than alone,” they said.

Hafsa helped me get a sim card for my phone today. We strolled arm in arm through the Souks. I had forgotten how much I enjoy walking together like that with another woman. Their house is in the old part of town. Hafsa and all her sisters are excellent cooks, and the house is located in the middle of the fresh food area. I am in heaven!

When we got back home, her husband was kneeling on his prayer rug. I offered to do dishes so that Hafsa could get to her prayers, too.

Spin the Globe

Spin the globe

This is the time of year I play Spin the Globe.  The high season in San Miguel will be over at the end of the month and I take off from managing the airbnb to travel.  Since I housesit, I never know where I am going and that is delicious.  So far I have applied for house sits in India, Rome, NYC, South Africa, Montreal, Austin and the South of Spain.  I love not knowing where I will be!

Wherever I am is Home

I have encountered a lot of people traveling around the world these past four years. Most rewarding has been encountering myself and discovering who I am.  The gift has been a deep and permanent change in perspective.  To combine travel with food, art, music, and dance is to celebrate life. It’s not the destination that matters, it’s the change of scene and the discovery of unknown foods, unseen art, unheard music and new dances to learn.  Wherever I am is home.  I am a rich woman because I have many homes._DSC0488-Recovered.jpg

Travel Word of the Day: Sojourn

I am staying in a lovely house owned by a cordial retired lesbian couple who are off with their dog on holiday in Southern Europe in their small RV.   Autumn is here and I don´t really have the clothes for it, but they have lent me sweaters to keep warm.  The cats are still hiding under the bed, but they will come out eventually to eat.

The challenge here will be loneliness. I can feel it already.  A realtor would say it is a nice place to raise kids or retire. Not much going on. The house is over an hour away from London, about $13 a trip, so going in to hang out is unrealistic.

There are some churches, a couple of restaurants, a couple of grocery stores and a pub or two.  Meetup groups in the area include Bored Moms, a retiree group called the Naughties, a DIY group, Weight Watchers, a group called Love Your Life Again and a dog walking group. There is a fabulous gym – the best I have ever seen – but joining would cost me $195 for a month, and a one-day pass is $20.

I need to think about how to make this environment work for me.   Each place is special, but unlocking what makes it special can be challenging. Isolation is a killer for long-term travelers.  Last night I went to bed at 7 pm.



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