Granada: Top Choice in Europe for Upcoming Move

I am impressed by the lifestyle here in Granada more every day. The air is clean, the water is so pure coming down from the mountains that people fill up their water bottles at fountains and drink straight out of the tap. The weather is similar to SMA. July is the hottest month with an average temperature of 75°F and the coldest is January at 43°F. It is a sunny place. The humidity is a bit less than SMA.

The population is about 300,000. The city is home to a number of universities and colleges, with over 70,000 college students creating diversity and vibrancy. The universities also offer a wealth of learning opportunities, plus they bring in concerts, dance, theater, conferences, and other cultural events.

Like SMA, it is a walking city – you can cross it on foot in about 40 minutes. Picturesque villages dot the mountains surrounding Granada, offering hiking trails, horseback riding, festivals, and even a Buddhist retreat center.

Madrid is the same distance as Mexico City, but they are putting in a high-speed train from Madrid to Granada in June which will reduce travel time to only two hours.

The crime rate is LOW. Plus you are in Europe. You can fly from Granada to Paris or to Rome for 38 Euro, and take a ferry to Morocco for nothing at all.

The shopping is great. You don´t have to go to another city to find a good selection in furniture and stylish clothes. The streets are clean and the boulevards wide. There are outdoor cafes everywhere. The architecture of Granada is a blend of Moorish, Spanish and contemporary influences. It is a beautiful city.

Apartments to rent or buy are much less expensive than SMA. A one-bedroom apartment can be had for $452 US per month. My Airbnb host bought his sunny three-bedroom apartment for $100,000. Ten minutes further out by foot, apartments can be had for half that price. It would be a good investment. The high-speed train coming in June will create a market for second homes from people living in Madrid. Prices will go up.

I went to a meetup of expats last night. A great group of people. If you reside in Spain over five years, you are eligible to use the medical system just like a European. I met a guy who speaks fluent Spanish, French and English. We are going out on Thursday. The city is in the middle of all the Easter pageantry. There are 36 parades this week. The gypsy parade in this evening. After their parade, they dance flamenco until the wee hours. WOW!