Questions: Have you ever had a mentor who made a difference in your life? Do you think mentors can be helpful at any age? What are the qualities you would look for in a mentor? Do you mentor anyone now?

Chuy’s daughters, Gaby and Joselyn, shot and edited this video. Chuy has been working as my photography assistant since 2019. She’s a clever, hard-working, wise-cracking, steady-as-she-goes, no-drama mama. When Chuy asked me to mentor her in February, I said yes. We found a beat-up computer for her, bought one of the oldest second-hand Canon Rebel EOS cameras on the market, a good 70 – 300 mm lens (Date your camera, marry your lenses), and various other pieces of equipment to round out her kit. She has two sponsors. Peter Altmann covers basic costs like books, and I cover the cost of the internet at her house and have given her a gallery on my photography website It has been the photographer’s version of the children’s book, Stone Soup. Everybody, including her family, is helping. Chuy just finished her artist’s statement and has submitted work to a gallery in California.

Go, Chuy, go!

Excellent CreativeLive Instructor Brooke Shaden

Javier Barras recommended that I buy the Creator’s Pass at CreativeLive. It’s less than 20 bucks a month and worth every penny. Funny, kind, successful, and an excellent teacher, Brooke teaches both creative idea generation AND business skills for making it in the Fine Arts world. There are 138 video classes ranging from 20-30 minutes, plus a boatload of handout materials. It took me about a month to do. Now I’m working my way through a compositing class taught by Brooke. Thank you, Javier!

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