I got accepted for another exhibit- the “Dreams” exhibition in a gallery in Tucson. I also sold this image, entitled War, just two weeks ago. It is part of a mini-series of three called War, Peace, and Refugee. I also submitted this series to the UN for licensing. It’s a long shot, but I would love to have images there after working with refugees in the US and other countries.

This image reminds me of something I saw on a French news station covering the war in Ukraine. A young mother carrying her baby was helping her mother in the line to enter Poland. Just as they approached the front of the line, she handed the baby to her mother and turned around. She was heading back to fight, but first, she protected her loved ones.

Price: $300. Please get in touch with me at rithafellerman@gmail.com if you want to purchase this print. Could you buy an image and keep me afloat?

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