Day of the Dead Photo

Busy day.  Advanced Spanish class at UNAM, afternoon baking with Sandy for the photographer´s meeting tomorrow (cranberry muffins, chocolate chip cookies and ginger snaps), and now headed out to the Rosewood to celebrate Jean´s birthday.  On the way back home, I snapped this photo.  I have developed the habit of always taking my camera with me.  It goes where I go…



This Month´s Submission to the London Institute of Photography

Water Reflections

Theme: Reflections. Title: Troubled Water. Reflections always distort. Different materials create different distortions. Of all materials, “troubled water”, whose surface is moving, shifts the image the most, even to the point of obliterating it. The lines of the fountain bottom provide an interesting grid that allows the viewer to see the extent of the distortion. Fountain shot in San Miguel, Allende.

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